Unemployment blogs to check out

Every week I seem to be coming accross new blogs or website launches for the recently unemployed. All of them offering something of value to the earnest job hunter. Interesting even if you are still in employment.

I thought I would point out a few in case you have missed hearing about them, check them out they all offer something slightly different.


This is an excellent new site recently launched again by the founder who found himself unemployed last march. A nice feature of this site is the skills bartering section for unemployed to swap their skillset and the forum seems to be getting off the ground with some nice dole q comments.



The Dublin Job Club is a free network for the Unemployed that takes place every Friday at the Digital Exchange from 10am to 12pm. The co-ordinator  Aaron Downes invites speakers to give presentatons of interest and relevance to career and job hunting skills and blogs regularily on the same



This website was set up by David Jones, who also published the e-book ‘Oh No I’ve Lost My Job’. The Job Seekers Union website runs a classifieds section with the facility for members to post notices up of interest. Postings of jobs wanted, some job vacancies, HR consultancy notices.



The Irish Times New Training Inititiative ‘Get Connected’

Launched last month is an initiative aimed at  business executives recently out of work. Members can sign up for €30 per month and are invited to attend guest lectures from HR industry leaders and a hot desking and networking facility on a Monday and Tuesday. Also depending on availalbility option to attend a 2 day training course. All that they ask is that you be unemployed, executive/manager level and be prepared to contribute to the group .

Call Irish Times Training on 01-4727101 


If anyone else comes across more I would love to hear of them, let me know


Too Much of One Thing is Not Necessarily a Good Thing

We’ve all heard the saying many times before. Granted it is usually said when trying to get to grips with bad eating or poor exercise habits.


Going through our jobs boards this week it occurred to me the above philosophy can be applied to job hunters as well.


We’re continuing to see an increase in the number of CV applications going through to each new job advertising on AdminJobs.ie. There are less jobs out there and particularly in the administration sector, as this area has experienced serious cutbacks.


But what we are also seeing is more and more jobseekers are sending their CV applications for roles twice and sometimes 3-4 times for the same advertisement!


A kind of “I’ve heard nothing back so I will send my CV application in again”


Feedback guys, from the employers advertising the role is, it’s doing you no favours. Clients are asking why would someone send it in twice and it’s actually going against you as opposed to giving you an added advantage. I had one client ask,


“Do they not know who they have already applied to? Makes me think my role is not special to them”


We know it’s tough out there, especially in the administration sector where most cut backs have been made. We have qualified architects, marketers, and sales executives now applying for administration roles.


But remember, just send one CV application to each employer and make sure it counts. Read these fantastic tips on how to make your CV stand above the rest.



Can your CV Stand the 7 Second Test?

Can your CV stand the 7 second Test?

Over the past few months we have seen a huge increase in job seekers on all our job boards http://www.AdminJobs.iehttp://www.SalesJobs.iehttp://www.ComputerJobs.ie – and http://www.AccountantJobs.ie

No doubt this trend is set to continue as the recession gets worse. So make sure your CV is doing the best job for YOU it possibly can.

They say your CV has only 7 seconds to make an impression in the initial CV screening done by employers.

Make sure your CV’s 7 seconds count.

Over the past two years we have collated articles from hr experts on CV advice  click through to read best practices.

Or you can email me for a sample best CV layout  at info@adminjobs.ie

How to Keep Your Job in a Recession

So you have a job. You might think you are reasonably safe in your current position, the company you are working for are doing fairly well despite the recession.

But don’t be fooled into a false sense of security. The recession is hitting all areas. With companies and internal structures under threat in both the private and public sectors, no industry is untouched from the downturn.

Just how do you safeguard against loosing your job if the tables were suddenly to turn.

Employers will cut costs wherever possible in the company.

Here are a few things you can do to make sure you are not one of those cuts.

It might seem simple but  – Work Harder!

Come in to work 15 minutes earlier to prepare for the day so that you are ready and organised for each days tasks.

Work overtime at least 1-2 days a week. Use the overtime hours (unpaid) to start on a project you have been putting off, or catch up on tasks you normally put on the long finger.

Show your initiative in work. Put yourself in your managers or employers shoes. If you were in charge, what would you do to improve on working systems or procedures? Then offer that information up for consideration.

Think commercially. Even though it may not be your responsibility to think of costs and profits at the workplace, make sure you understand how your company makes money. How can you contribute to increasing your company’s revenue stream? It may be as simple as a suggestion  implementing improvements to the order processing system, lead generation, or client retention.

Look at the bigger picture. Position yourself as a valued member of staff who understands the importance of the service your company provides.

Help other colleagues where possible, don’t get dragged into office politics.

Employers will notice your efforts which will stand to you when any decisions are being made on cost cutting.

Be eager, be hungry, work proud and you will be rewarded as a valued member of your employment.

The Worst Ever Office Freak Out Ever

Lets hope this is not a sign of things to come!

The Group Interview – Great Idea or just an American Fantasy??

I went for an interview the other week for a role I have always been interested in. It was a group interview, the first group interview I have ever attended so I thought I would share with you my thoughts on…

“There we were, fifteen of us (interviewees), five of them (interviewers), all sat around a big boardroom table. There was  lots of smiling and trying to look like you were the most interested in what they had to say. Trying to tell them with your eyes “hire me!”. Then came the 2 minute presentation of yourself, after the 5th person it began to get boring. 

We were then split into groups of four and asked to come up with some ideas for a new office within the company. Here we saw the more imaginative people emerge!

After that came the debates. One minute to prepare, four minutes to talk. Some excelled while others choked on their own words.

Three and a half hours later and it’s all over!”

This company really places a lot of importance on the staff they hire as all companies should do, but 3 and half hours was a bit extreme.

Still times are tough so they say in the recession and maybe we will start seeing employers putting in a lot more stringent interview criteria in place if they have the time, making sure they select the best out of many applicants.

I got called back for a second interview and this time it was just me and 5 interviewing me. The interview lasted for an hour and for those of you interested I got the job!

Never Offer To Make Coffee!

In an open plan office there is a ritual where everyone waits hours for the first person to say: “Who wants a coffee?” That person then finds themselves in the kitchen for the rest of the day working as a junior catering manager.

I was going to motivate you with a blog about best office tips and how to excel in today’s competitive office environment…but came across a much more interesting post instead.

Written with total tongue in cheek, Guy Brownings alternative 20 tips for surviving life in the workplace. He has some gems such as never answer a phone as it’s usually a call from your boss or a customer wanting you to work!

Of course not to be taken seriously but would certainly be tempting to try some of his tips on a fun work day.

Wouldn’t that be great if maybe as a fundraiser you could co-ordinate a fun day in work where anything goes. You would have to sell it to the boss but pick a worthy cause and it could help lift morale for the company – much needed as everyone is under stress due to this little old recession.

20 top tips for surviving life in the workplace